Transportation and GIS Consulting

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AppGeo helps you create and curate the GIS roadway and right-of-way datasets you need.

  • As experts in GIS/LRS data systems and federal data standards (HPMS, MIRE, ARNOLD), we help you bring your existing data into compliance for federal data submittals and funding.
  • As a partner to HERE Technologies, we provide access to the most comprehensive roadway data in the marketplace, HERE routing and logistics APIs, and professional services to help you make the most of your technology investments.
  • As a partner to Hexagon, we provide the most cost-effective way to acquire high-quality statewide orthoimagery through their Imagery Content program. We also provide our Giza software and professional services to help you stream imagery to users, optimize cloud storage, and monitor usage.
  • As a Google Maps partner with a Location Based Services Specialization, we provide access to the vast power and capabilities of Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps Platform.
  • With years of project experience at the state and municipal levels, we have systems and methods already in place to streamline data creation from source documentation, whether roadway characteristics data, right of way plans, or safety data.

Experience counts.

We’ve held dozens of transportation focused webinars from guest speakers from agencies across the country.

AppGeo helps you put your data in the hands of those that need it most.

Our expert developers use the right combinations of the latest GIS mapping and cloud platforms to build robust applications that match your scale and usage.

AppGeo makes sure you find the right technologies to manage your transportation data assets.

  • We deeply understand how DOTs manage and use data of all types.
  • We know how to translate your use cases into functional and technical specifications.
  • We can help you navigate and choose technologies in the marketplace.
  • We help reduce the risk of modernizing your data and systems.

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