In today’s imagery marketplace, data comes from many sources and comes from many different methods of collection (aerial, satellite, drone, etc). For the purposes of this blog, we’ll explore the two major categories: satellite and aerial imagery. Aerial imagery is flown at high-resolution at low frequency. Satellite is flown at lower resolution at higher frequency.

Not all collection methods are alike, and not all data is of the same resolution, angle (orthogonal vs. oblique), collection frequency, or accuracy. This can make a big difference in the end product. You need to match the right kind of data to the type of analysis you perform. Our Imagery Provider Quiz is designed to help you decide the correct imagery source for your use case. The quiz can be taken multiple times, and contains examples from the biggest imagery companies in the space with the highest revenue and the most customers.

What are the top satellite and aerial imagery companies?

AppGeo’s 2022 Imagery Comparison Guide covers today’s top satellite and aerial imagery companies:

  • Hexagon Imagery
  • Planet
  • Maxar
  • EagleView
  • Nearmap
  • Vexcel Imaging

To find out what imagery solution creates the best value for your use case, be sure to download our 2022 Aerial Imagery Provider Comparison Guide.