This week we launched a re-imagined The new site focuses on what we are calling “The Magic of Location”.

Over the past year, which marked our 25th year in business, we’ve taken time to think about our business, our beliefs, our evolving geo industry, and how best to talk about each of them. Out of those conversations, we committed to not just modernizing, but “re-imagining” our website.

The process itself was revealing. One conversation focused on the types of problems that are currently the most challenging to our customers. A sampling of our conclusions includes:

  • Geo-enabling the enterprise, defining the role of geospatial within the organization
  • Creating a path to the cloud for better management and performance
  • Making data and analysis more “open”
  • The expanding availability of tools that make geo useful to non-GIS professionals
  • Adding geo to legacy business systems
  • Ensuring access to geo on mobile devices
  • Delivering more insights and business intelligence through geoanalytics
  • Handling ever growing volumes of data
  • Choosing the right combinations of modern geospatial technologies

These themes guided the creation of content throughout the website, especially on the Services page.

We also took time to talk about our new challenge of presenting our traditional professional services alongside our growing involvement with products – both our own solutions and partner technology like Google and CARTO. Visit the Products pages and the Gallery to learn more about our MapGeo and Giza product offerings.

Other conversations considered what differentiates AppGeo, and is there an “AppGeo way?” By analogy, we compared ourselves to an informed sommelier, who guides you to the right wine for the occasion, and makes sure you are happy with your choice. In essence, we’re friendly and attentive; and, we take the time to understand your needs. We’re open minded and objective; and, we draw on our wide ranging and deep experience with a variety of tools and technologies. We’re innovative in crafting the right solution, and we’re committed to your successful outcomes.

Finally, we thought about what hasn’t changed. The new About Us page also expresses our enduring commitments and values.  Our commitment to meeting each customer’s needs. Our dedication to creating shared value with customers and peers. Our enthusiasm for exploring the frontiers of our field. This outlook has sustained us for 25 years and we are confident that it will keep us on track for the next 25 and beyond.