Texas StratMap Contract for Digital Map Data, Services and Software

Texas Natural Resources Information Systems (TNRIS) StratMap Contract for Digital Map Data, Software and Services

Applied Geographics (AppGeo) is on the TNRIS StratMap Contract for Digital Map Data, Software and Services. We welcome the opportunity to serve all levels of government.   

Contact Us/How To Order:

For information about the offerings or for pricing, contact:

Thomas Harrington, Chief Marketing Officer

AppGeo staff will work with you to determine the right combinations of data, software and services to meet your needs. Simply contacting AppGeo for an intial conversation about your use case is the best way to get started. 

AppGeo is also a full-service GIS consulting firm. Through the Texas StratMap contract, we can provide all manner of technical support services for geospatial IT, including: strategic planning, geoanalytics, SaaS products implementation, data development and integration, and custom applications built on top of SaaS.

For More Information:

Our web pages offer information on AppGeo serivces, and our strategic partnerships with major software, platform and content providers that includes: Google (Maps and Cloud Platforms), Hexagon (Aerial Imagery Content Programs), HERE (API driven Location Services and Data Offerings), and CARTO (Mapping platform). 

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