Texas DIR-TSO-4371 Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources (DIR): Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services, DIR-TSO-4371

Applied Geographics (AppGeo) is now a part of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services– Contract DIR TSO 4371. As an experienced and innovative Web solutions developer, AppGeo welcomes the opportunity to serve all levels of government in the State of Texas.  Our specialization is building Web mapping applications that are tailored to government work flows. We’ve completed significant custom Web projects for state agencies: Texas DOT, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), and Texas Natural Resources and Information Systems (TNRIS). Through this contract we also offer subscriptions to our Web mapping platform solution for local government, MapGeo. Please contact us to explore how we can provide high performance Web application development and support services for you.

Contact Us/How To Order:

For information about how our Web Development capabilities can be tailored to your needs, and for scoping assignments or placing an order, contact:

Thomas Harrington Jr., Vice President
Applied Geographics, Inc.
33 Broad Street, Fourth Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 447-2400
Email: tharr@appgeo.com

AppGeo staff will work with you to determine the approach, technologies, and development services needed to fulfill your objectives. For all procurements made through this contract, the first step is to generate a purchase order to Applied Geographics, Inc. and reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-4371 on your purchase order.

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Upon issuance of a purchase order from the customer to AppGeo, AppGeo will work with the customer to fulfill the order, including licensing and implementation support.

Warranty and Return Policies:

All AppGeo and third party offerings are warranted as described in the respective license agreements. Since AppGeo sells software services and applications, return policies do not apply. Please contact AppGeo for information related to the offerings you are interested in.

Product and Services Description and Specifications:

AppGeo offers three distinct types of products and services through this contract:

(1) Custom Web development services provided by AppGeo’s experienced Web application developers and UI designers. AppGeo tailors the application design, features, and functionality to your business processes, data models, user requirements, and security and performance requirements. We have the distinct advantage of  experience with and objectivity about the range of Web-based GIS platforms and tools available. We are able to choose and deploy the right technologies matched to your needs.

(2) Deployment of AppGeo’s Web Mapping solution, MapGeo. AppGeo has built and supports a Web-mapping platform designed for county and municipal governments. The platform, MapGeo, offers a wide range of built in functionality. It is configurable. It is designed to work with your authoritative data, creating an environment for data presentation and insight for staff, citizens, and local business persons.

(3) MapLarge software deployments. Experience the power of MapLarge data mapping and visualization platform for Big Data. Contact AppGeo to learn more.

Pricing Table

Discounts are offered to all DIR-TSO-4371 customers. We recommend contacting AppGeo directly to first discuss your needs and goals, and to obtain a pricing breakdown and quote. Price List.

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For More Information:

Contact AppGeo and please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program overview page for additional information about the DIR-TSO-4371 contract.