Texas DIR-TSO-3802 Software as a Service, Products and Related Services

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources (DIR): Software as a Service, Products and Related Services, DIR-TSO-3802

Applied Geographics (AppGeo) is now a part of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract for Software as a Service, Products and Related Services – Contract DIR TSO 3802. We welcome the opportunity to serve all levels of government.  Please contact us to explore how we can provide low cost, high performance GIS Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms and support services for you. Current offerings feature Google Maps and other Google APIs, and CARTO mapping APIs. 

Contact Us/How To Order:

For information about the SaaS offerings or for pricing, contact:

Thomas Harrington, Vice President, Director of Business Development
Applied Geographics, Inc.
33 Broad Street, Fourth Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 447-2400 

AppGeo staff will work with you to determine the right software and technical support to meet your needs. For all procurements made through this contract, the first step is to generate a purchase order to Applied Geographics, Inc. and reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-3802 on your purchase order.

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Upon issuance of a purchase order from the customer to AppGeo, AppGeo will work with the customer to fulfill the order, including licensing and implementation support.

AppGeo is also a full-service GIS consulting firm. Through another of our Texas contracts, the Texas StratMap contract, we can provide all manner of technical support services for geospatial IT, including: strategic planning, geoanalytics, SaaS products implementation, data development and integration, and custom applications built on top of SaaS.

Warranty and Return Policies:

All SaaS offerings are warranted as described in the respective license agreements. Please contact AppGeo for information on which SaaS offerings you are interested in.

Product and Services Description and Specifications:

AppGeo is a partner to Google and CARTO, who are each providers of world class SaaS mapping capabilities. The following SaaS products are available plus services and training. For each type of product, various SKUs are available depending on the number of seats, memory, etc., that you need. Contact AppGeo for help “right sizing” your SaaS implementation.

Google Products and Services include:

Google GeoLocation
Google Maps API
Google Places API
Google Imagery
Asset Tracking
Setup and Onboarding Support
Tuning/Performance Optimization

CARTO Products and Services include:

CARTO Enterprise
CARTO Enterprise Builder
CartoDB Standard On-Premise
CartoDB Advanced On-Premise
CartoDB On-Premise High Scalability
Setup and Onboarding Support

Pricing Table (click here DIR-TSO-3802 – Google List Prices, and contact AppGeo for more information and a quote)

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For More Information:

Our web pages offer information on Google Maps and CARTO. Also, Please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program overview page for additional information.

The DIR-TSO-3802 contract can be accessed here.