Spatial IQⓇ – A Managed Services Approach to Scalable Geospatial Platform Technology

Spatial IQ is a managed services program that builds organizational capacity to use geospatial platform technology more effectively. Facilitated by our team of experts, Spatial IQ creates a virtuous cycle of strategy, investment, expanded use, and benefits. Transform your geospatial capacity from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Goodbye status-quo!

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The Springboard To Launch Your Scalable Geospatial Platform, Spatial IQ includes:

  • Strategy sessions to set goals and overcome obstacles
  • Technical support to execute strategy and lead your digital transformation
  • Quarterly success reviews and guidance
  • Continuous usage and performance monitoring
Spatial IQ Managed Services

Build Organizational Capacity With Spatial IQ

  • Technology roadmaps that reduce risk and increase return on geospatial investments
  • A steady stream of new ideas and creative uses that expand usage
  • Enterprise solutions that make your GIS program more visible, accessible, and beneficial
Spatial IQ Managed Services

Overcome Hurdles; Say Goodbye to the Status Quo

  • Get executive buy-in — take the guesswork out of annual budgeting
  • Keep up with technology change — choose confidently among options
  • Increase cost-effectiveness — Track and optimize the use of licenses and services
Spatial IQ Managed Services

The Spatial IQ program helps your team make better use of Google Maps and Google Cloud Platforms.

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