Texas Managed Lands Deer Program Application

AppGeo is building the Managed Lands Deer Program System (MLDPSys) for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Agency, to be publicy launched in May 2017. The system is built to serve as a shared platform to foster engagement between conservation scientists and private land owners, supporting TPWD’s core Mission to conserve natural and cultural resources while providing recreational opportunities for present and future generations. The primary goals for Version 1 are to 1. Create a unified system for landowners & resource managers, combining the Conservation & Harvest options into single interface and 2. Provide a more complete picture of permit options, and 3. Increase TPWD capacity and support greater participation in the Conservation Option and a broader stewardship perspective. The application will serve as a critical component of TPWD’s operational infrastructure and will modernize the way they engage and serve the public.