FloodWorks Web Mapping Site – SARA FloodWorks

Project Dates: September 2015 – ongoing

Project Description and Outcome: The San Antonio River Authority requested that AppGeo build a web mapping site that provided map, graphic, chart and data views of current flood forecast data. By linking rainfall radar data from the National Weather Service and other models, the FloodWorks hydrologic modelling viewer can give emergency responders up to 24 hours of lead time to proactively prepare for floods. The FloodWorks site included a secured internal website that displays output of two different types:

  • Information from the most recent pre-scheduled run (every 15 minutes)
  • Information from ad-hoc forecast runs

The site provides River Authority staff, approved emergency management stakeholders, transportation agencies, and regional agencies visibility into flooding levels in the San Antonio area. The site has different configurations that show various computed view results, including river stage, flow, and velocity. As shown below, one configuration includes drainage basin outlines in a color-coded format to represent normal conditions, watch conditions, minor conditions, and major conditions within the basins. Users can switch between 3 views to view the flooding information; map display, graphs and charts for a selected location, and a table of data that shows values for multiple locations.

AppGeo is also in the process of helping the River Authority migrate the application from its existing hosted environment to the River Authority’s Azure environment.

FloodWorks tool displaying water velocity and depth

AppGeo’s Performance:  AppGeo continues to work with the River Authority on several projects that help the River Authority improve their emergency preparedness and asset management. With an increased focus on flood preparedness and resilience in the state of Texas, AppGeo’s experience integrating complex data systems into map, graph, and table views will continue to be of great help to the River Authority.