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Get Started with Google Maps

1. Choose the right Google Maps APIs

From our work with hundreds of corporations, AppGeo has observed that businesses use multiple Google Maps APIs in combination, whether to route deliveries, help customers locate their stores, track assets, or manage facilities and property. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll send you a guide to the recommended combinations of Google Maps APIs suited to your business.

2. Add Geolocation to your business right away

Google Maps offers more than a dozen distinct APIs that can add immediate value to your business, including:

Routes API

Find the best way to get from A to Z with comprehensive data and real-time traffic

Distance Matrix API

Calculate travel times and distances for one or more locations.

Geocoding API

Convert addresses to geographic coordinates or the reverse- using Google Maps Places Data

3. Expert help for your developers

Let AppGeo’s Google Maps experts be your force multiplier, helping your team get started faster and go further. Don’t have a development team? Don’t worry! Our expert Google Maps Platform developers can build what you need.

4. Build On the Maps Platform

With 100s of Maps customers and 29 years of experience in geospatial, we can help you create custom applications that open new possibilities for business automation and customer service.

Get Started with Google Maps

Start today – don’t wait any longer. Here are three steps you can take today to get you on the path to realizing the full potential of Google’s powerful Maps APIs and Cloud computing platform:

  • Get on the Google console – As a premier, Location-Based Services partner to Google, AppGeo builds your quote, and sets you up on the Google Console with the right APIs to get your team started. We offer flexible billing plans that fit your business.

  • Free immediate consultation with an AppGeo Google Maps expert – We work with your developers and business leaders to identify areas for early success and highest value.

  • Get technical support for your team – Through our Spatial IQ program, AppGeo’s Maps experts answer your questions – How do I integrate Maps with my existing data or applications? How do I build custom geolocation apps on top of the Maps Platform? Trouble-shooting? Understanding the terms of service and getting the most value? Usage optimization tricks and tips? And more.

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