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Benefits of MapGeo


government staff, citizens and businesses to local maps

The Information and Tools

you need to understand your community and make informed decisions.


your local and authoritative data and maps

Powerful data visualizations

on the Carto Platform


public maps and data available through GIS programs

Integrate maps

such as FEMA, Flood Maps, Census and Property Record Cards

Why use MapGeo?

Take a walk down the street, virtually

Explore neighborhoods with Google Street View with access to detailed, descriptive property information. MapGeo makes Google Street View more useful by adding local property data and saves valuable time for staff and citizens seeking to evaluate properties from their home or office.

Find answers anytime, anywhere, on any device

MapGeo delivers the same powerful tools and maps to smartphones, tablets, and desktops ensuring everyone has access to the answers they need no matter where they are.

  • What zoning district am I in?
  • When is trash pickup at this address?
  • Am I in a flood zone?
  • What is the valuation of properties on this street?

Share insights and ideas

Maps are made to be shared. With draw and measure tools, add any text or graphics to the map including distance measurements. Then share your ideas with your as a direct link using the Share function or Print a hard copy map.

Integrate data from anywhere

Pull in data from a variety of sources, including local data, data from state geographic information offices, federal sources like the Census and FEMA – and many more. Data can be consumed from a variety of sources including Carto, ArcGIS Online, Arc Server, most WMS and WMTS services or accessible REST API.

What our customers say about MapGeo

“The pricing is just right and the value is exceptional. The ongoing maintenance fees have proven easy to sell and budget for and by way of the usage reports we are able to demonstrate a positive return to the community. The feedback on the site has been glowing and the intuitive nature of the interface has brought in users whom I really wasn’t expecting. I am still impressed that the implementation period for MapGeo (and later MapGeo Docs) occurred in weeks, not months. Great tool and great service.”

John Vogl, Londonderry, NH

“I like the integration with Google Maps. I believe our spatial information is pretty good but the integration of products the the general public are familiar with is appealing.”

Tom Carrellas, South Portland, ME

“Your site is head and shoulders above any of the other counties that I work in. Thanks for a great job.”

Stan Morehead, MapGeo User, VA

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