AppGeo is excited to announce the new MapGeo 3.0

The latest update to our MapGeo line greatly expands upon the power of the Dashboard, and has even more robust tools for searching, multiple datasets, and increased customization.

New Data Views 

Our latest update provides the ability to search and query an unlimited number of Data Views within one site. Parcel maps and properties data are the traditional Data View for which MapGeo displayed data. MapGeo 3.0 allows you to add more Data Views that allow you to associate detailed data, links and documents with non-parcel features. Any map feature could be the center of a new Data View that you define: utilities, a parade route, cemetery lots, parks and recreation, trail systems or historic sites – any data you can imagine – all within distinct and specialized views on your MapGeo site.

MapGeo now offers more tools to effectively manage systems, answer questions, engage your citizens by making more detailed information available. Contact the MapGeo support team for more information about Dashboard and multi Data View implementation pricing.

The new Data Views capability is accessed through a drop down menu. Expand the potential of information presentation.

New Search Options

New powerful search tools quickly help you get the results you need. Quick search can be configured to search against multiple fields to deliver a wide list of results.

Advanced search adds options for fully customizing your search criteria, you can add a wider variety of search fields, search within specific geographic areas, and add tools like value ranges and pick lists to narrow search results. These new tools allow you to search on any field within your data.

Details Pages

MapGeo 3.0 offers a configurable Detail View that allows you to focus on and explore more information within MapGeo. Organize and display even more information with different data tables and configure all this information for easy PDF printing.

The detail view expands on MapGeo 2.0’s preview panel. It allows you to show extra information about an item without cluttering the Preview Panel, or forcing a viewer to scroll “below the fold.”

Enhanced presentation of data (through configurable panels below the map) creates more opportunities to integrate critical data, images, linked documents and more with the map view, making it easy for users to see all of their data in context.

New User Tour

Our new walk through helps new users get acquainted with MapGeo. The tour points out the location of key tools, and can be paused and restarted later by clicking the link in the left panel menu.

Improvements to the User Experience

We’ve added a history button that allows you to return to previously selected items without running a new search. Frequently used tools are easier to find, and give the map more space by hiding control panels. All these make MapGeo easier to use and navigate.


The above highlights are just a few of the features and improvements in MapGeo 3.0. View our release notes for more details on features, improvements, and bug fixes made in this release