By Rich Grady, President

So, what’s it like almost five years after Esri retired AppGeo from their Business Partner program? We have doubled our revenue, outpacing the CAGR of the global GIS market over the same period of time. We have attracted amazing new talent that blends with our outstanding team of experienced professionals, and we have deepened our multi-platform knowledge, delivering successful solutions to our customers with the best-fitting technology for the problems they are trying to solve.  AppGeo leverages a variety of geospatial IT and related tools, that include Google, Carto, Hexagon, Bentley, Safe Software, PostGIS, NoSQL, SQL Server, QGIS, Alteryx, R, and more — in addition to Esri.

In a lot of important ways, the past five years have been liberating and energizing for us.  We continue to earn our customers’ trust with our open minds and best-fitting recommendations and solutions.  We have always blended the very best technology components in ways that enable us to deliver innovative, world-class solutions, without vendor-imposed constraints.  We are able to harness the incredible levels of innovation that are increasingly happening outside of the more traditional GIS companies. And we are able to attract some of the very best talent in developers, analysts, and project managers who want to work at a company that embraces the frontiers of geospatial technology, all the while anchored in a solid understanding of GIS fundamentals that are executed with integrity.  

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Our longstanding independent technology posture does not mean we shun technologies from Esri or any of the other long-standing GIS software firms.  Nearly all of our customers use those tools and we continue to use them ourselves. We’ve been an Esri customer for 28 years, and “eat what we cook.”  Many of the solutions we deliver and recommend to customers include these tools. What’s helpful to our customers is that we bring a much broader range of options and experience-based objectivity. We help them select the best-fitting pieces to combine and harmonize with their existing technologies and workflows.  This approach has been part of the AppGeo DNA from our early days. It’s clear from the successful implementation of our recommendations, and the high-performance of the applications that we’ve built over the past five years, that our customers are well-served by this approach, too.

The bottom line is this: We do Esri really well, but we also do other geospatial technologies really well —  just like we always have! Competition and diversity are healthy for the geospatial ecosystem, liberating for GIS professionals, and beneficial to the agencies and organizations who want the most out of their investments. Keeping an open mind, seizing upon the moments of insight, solving problems in new ways with a variety of technologies, and sharing the results — that’s what we call carpe geo.  We’re on this journey together.