HxGN Content Program provides aerial imagery in response to COVID-19

Hexagon, a premier provider of orthoimagery products, is extending a 90-day free trial to its nationwide orthoimage streaming services specifically for government agencies and NGOs combating COVID-19: The HxGN Content Program imagery layers include high-res 15 cm  imagery for municipal areas and 30 cm imagery for rural areas for the entire U.S. States. 

Hexagon CONUS Coverage Map

Hexagon CONUS Coverage Map

You may set up the free trial of Hexagon imagery here and start using the service right away. Upon verification of government or NGO status, your free trial will be extended to 90 days.

Important: This trial includes access to WMS/WMTS links, which means you can access nationwide imagery within Esri ArcMap, ArcGis Pro, ArcGIS Online, AutoDesk CAD, MicroStation,  MapInfo, GlobalMapper, and others.

Potential Imagery Use Cases for COVID-19 Response

  • Find and Accurately Measure areas for Emergency Operations Sites
  • Enrich your Rapid-Response viewer.
  • Informative Basemap Layers for your existing mapping applications
  • Support Geospatial Analysis, Production Mapping, and Visualization.

We are here to help

AppGeo is fully cloud-based and our staff are web-connected. We remain fully operational and ready to support your geospatial needs. We are here to help if you have any questions.

On behalf of the entire AppGeo team, we thank you for all of your hard work in responding to this crisis within your own communities and across the nation.