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Hexagon GeospatialFor Government and NGOs combatting the COVID-19 virus, Hexagon is offering free access to its nationwide imagery streaming services.

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AppGeo President Rich Grady describes the value of the Hexagon Content Program on HxGN TV. 

Why Hexagon Content Program?

  • High level of photogrammetric accuracy
  • 30 cm coast-to-coast resolution
  • 15 cm metro area
  • Blue sky data acquisition
  • Feature extraction capabilities
  • Partner-driven organization
  • Effortlessly manage streaming
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  • Easy-to-use, low-cost basemaps as a service
  • Fast, reliable, OGC Compliant WMS/WMTS
  • Great value, convenience, and reliability
  • Works in the cloud
  • Download JP200 and store on-premise
  • State of the practice technology
  • Affordable options for streaming

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