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HERE Technologies is the world’s largest provider of location data. At AppGeo, we help you license the correct HERE APIs to your use case as a certified HERE resale partner.

Why choose HERE for your maps?

HERE Platform APIs and SDKs form a cloud-based mapping suite which is made up of Location Services and Mapped data.

HERE has all the tools and location data you need to combine with your own authoritative data to create secure, location intelligence applications that match the use cases of your organization.

HERE APIs cover a wide variety of highly useful data and operations, from basics like geocoding, to traffic and weather data to intermodal routing functions and fleet telematics.

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I would say, out of all the platforms, HERE is probably the most open. That’s in terms of making all the capabilities available for developers and third parties and enterprises to use, in the most flexible way as possible.

Nitesh Patel, Director, Strategy Analytics, HERE Technologies

A short tour of HERE maps

Here are some highlights of some of the most popular and powerful features offered by HERE from a mapping perspective. If you don’t see what you are looking for or if you have questions, we’re here to help.

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How do I get started with HERE APIs and SDKs?

HERE is made up of:

HERE Location Services APIs and SDKs
HERE Content and Traffic data
HERE Workspace collaborative platform

With 100s of services and data products, there is a lot to choose from. If you explain your use case to us, we’ll help you find the right products to match it, explain the Terms of Service, and set you up with a quote and support package.

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How does HERE compare with other mapping platforms?

HERE is recognized as a leading digital mapping platform on the strength of its data offerings and location services. What really makes HERE a standout are the flexible terms of service and the huge amounts of traffic, road and location data offered. Together, with over a hundred location analysis functions like geocoding, routing, and asset management, HERE data support a wide array of use cases for developers. The best way to get started is to talk with a HERE partner who can guide you.

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HERE Pricing – How much does it cost?

HERE Maps APIs start with 250,000 Total Transactions free per month. HERE Location Services and Content/Traffic Data have both transaction-based and asset-based pricing models. The fastest way to figure out your potential costs is to work with an AppGeo HERE expert, who can translate your use case into a cost estimate for your team and managers.

Even better, as a Platinum Partner, we can set you up with a 30-day evaluation program and provide guidance to your development team.


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Every aspect of your operation can benefit from the addition of HERE data and location services

AppGeo’s Spatial IQⓇ managed services program ensures your success with HERE, including:

  • Strategies for Business Leaders and Process Owners
  • Guidance for Project Teams and Application Managers
  • On-call Technical Support, Tips and Tricks for Developers
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