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2019 Imagery Provider Guide


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Google Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Are you operating within the Google Maps Terms of Service?

We can guide you to the full range of ways to use your Maps license within the Terms of Service.

Gloucester Burn Regulations

GeoSpatial Data

How to transform Geospatial Data into Compelling Information Products?

We will present you with some of our favorite ways to manage and visualize your geospatial data, using Google Maps and companion technologies.

ESRI and Google


Is all your geospatial data locked up in an Esri stack?

Not to worry – we can show you how easy it is to achieve compatibility!

Google Base Map

Google Basemaps

Did you know that Google’s basemaps are entirely customizable?

We can walk you through how to customize everything from adding your own points of interest to adjusting the colors to your brand.

Google Maps Platform Routes

Google Maps Platform

Maps and Routes and Places, Oh My! What are they?

There’s so much more to your Maps License than just generating maps! Learn about all the other capabilities, such as geocoding, turn by turn directions, travel distance and travel time.

Google Maps Usage Report

Maps APIs Credits

How can you best optimize your Maps APIs Credit Usage?

We will take you through some tips and tricks to optimize your Maps Credit Usage, so that you can get the most bang for your buck!

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