What is Google Imagery?

The same imagery Google uses on their maps, for your use, offers many great benefits.

Google Imagery
  • Easy to use, fast, reliable

  • Low cost storage and delivery

  • Recurring program with 3 year update cycle

  • RGB and NRG offerings

  • +/- 1 meter accuracy

  • 6″ resolution imagery covering the entire United States

Why do I need to purchase Google Imagery?

AppGeo is your single stop shop for all of your mapping needs.

Cloud Delivery

Google imagery is delivered as two storage buckets within Google Cloud Platform – one with raw imagery files (JPEG2000’s), and the second with a tile pyramid cut to level 20.

Raw imagery files JPEG2000’s

Raw imagery files (JPEG2000’s)

Tile pyramid cut to level 20

Tile pyramid cut to level 20

How do I use it?

Choose the delivery method that best suits your needs

Stream imagery into your software as WMS/WMTS services

  • Fast and reliable OGC compliant WMS/WMTS services
  • Web services work in GIS and CAD software as well as most web applications
  • Don’t move large amounts of data – keep everything in the cloud, no need to replicate storage costs

Download imagery and use raw files on premise

  • Download JP2000’s images and store on premise
  • Works in secure systems that can’t access WMS or WMTS services
  • Convert imagery to different projections as needed

Success Stories and Use Cases

Google’s imagery can help you, no matter the size your organization.

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