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What is Google Imagery?

The same imagery Google uses on their maps, for your licensed use – offering many great benefits.

Google Imagery
  • Easy to use, fast, reliable

  • Low cost storage and delivery

  • Recurring program with 3 year update cycle

  • RGB and NRG offerings

  • +/- 1 meter accuracy

  • 6″ resolution imagery covering the entire United States

Timeline of Google Imagery Program

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Looking for a better way to display your Imagery data?

Choose Giza, our native tiling platform

Stream imagery into your software as WMS/WMTS services

  • Fast and reliable OGC compliant WMS/WMTS services
  • Web services work in GIS and CAD software as well as most web applications
  • Don’t move large amounts of data – keep everything in the cloud, no need to replicate storage costs

Download imagery and use raw files on premise

  • Download JP2000’s images and store on premise
  • Works in secure systems that can’t access WMS or WMTS services
  • Convert imagery to different projections as needed

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