Google Earth Engine river

Google Earth Engine

A Global scale data and analysis platform

Now available for Commercial Use

powered by Google

Meet Earth Engine

A Global scale data and analysis platform

Now available for Commercial Use

powered by Google

Google Earth Engine

How it Works

Google Earth Engine connects you to massive data libraries and CPU power and allows you to add your own data.

Your Data

Google Earth Engine River

Google’s Data Catalog

Google data catalog

Best-in-class cloud capabilities

CPU Power

AppGeo is a Google certified Earth Engine expert.

Partner Expertise

Google Earth Engine

Google Maps Platform

AppGeo + Google Earth Engine
Data Cloud

We can make your existing data cloud-ready. Our geospatial experts can prepare your data for use with GEE.

Data model

We help connect your existing business rules and data models to Google. Integrate GEE into your data architecture.

Imagery provider

We source and manage high-res imagery and custom data layers. We work with the best providers of imagery to ensure you have the source data you need.

Sanborn Aviation Assets

Cleared for Takeoff

Take your Google Earth Engine project to new heights with Sanborn + AppGeo.

Our fleet of aviation assets are ready and waiting to capture HD orthoimagery or lidar and derivative products of your project area from any location in North America.

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As a Google Cloud Partner and Google Maps expert, we can help you leverage Earth Engine with your existing workflows, data, and systems.

You can get started for as little as $500 / mo

Analyze Change

Across days, months, years, or decades

Google Earth Engine is a powerful platform for analyzing and visualizing geospatial data.

Here are just a few of the ways businesses are using Google Earth Engine:

  • Monitor environmental conditions
  • Track changes in land use
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Analyze the impact of natural disasters
  • Assess the potential impact of proposed development projects
  • Validate compliance with environmental regulations

Dynamic World Bissau

Key Industries

Google Cloud Platform Integration

Google Cloud Platform is the perfect complement to Google Earth Engine, providing a single cloud environment for storage and compute. This provides customers with dedicated compute resources, cloud-optimized imagery assets, and machine-learning capabilities for model training and predictions.

Explore the Data Catalog

  • NASA Landsat, MODIS, and European Sentinel satellite data
  • National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) Imagery
  • Digital Terrain, Land Cover, Cropland, and Geophysical layers
  • And 100s more…

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