Who needs Giza?

Do you buy, own or serve imagery and other base maps?

Giza provides a low cost approach to image serving

and the tools needed to administer users and imagery.

Do you want to consume imagery and base maps into your GIS or CAD environment?

Giza provides high performance and standards compatible web services

supported by leading geo software packages.

Why use Giza?

  • Set up layers and metadata indexes for imagery sources

  • Create authorized users and administer secure access to the layers

  • Preview layers and download images via map-based user interface

  • Publish and distribute OGC compliant WMS/WMTS end-points

  • Track usage and access user statistics reports (including heatmaps)

How does Giza work?

Who is using Giza?

“AppGeo’s Giza is totally designed with the end user in mind. As functionality expands and improves, the simplicity and ease of use remains the same. The ability to use Giza for maintaining the Texas Imagery Service, retrieving the image tiles, managing users, and keeping tabs on usage is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.” The Texas Giza imagery serving story

“Utah’s licensing of statewide aerial photography from Google in 2015, gave us 40 times more high resolution coverage area but also meant we had 40 times the density of pixels to store and serve to users in real-time. AppGeo’s cloud-based Giza imagery server platform provided both the IT economy and the scalability that were absolutely necessary to the success of this initiative.

The user management and logging built into Giza provide extremely valuable utilization metrics that describe usage patterns over time, by organization, and by geography. Knowing the ‘how’ and the ‘where’ for the 250+ Utah organizations now using the Giza-served aerial photography, and AGRC’s custom Utah base maps, will be important to sustaining these innovative offerings in the future.”

MassGIS has been using the Giza system to access Google orthophoto imagery since Spring 2016. MassGIS currently has imagery from the years 2013-2016 in the system, provided in both WMTS and WMS format. As of early January 2017, 97 users have been registered to use the system. MassGIS uses Giza to create user accounts and monitor usage of services. By assigning users into functional groups and also tagging them with keywords MassGIS is able to look at usage statistics in various ways. MassGIS also examines usage via map interface (to show where in MA tiles are being accessed).

Giza and Google Imagery

Serve Google Imagery as WMS and WMTS services

Learn more about buying Google Imagery

Giza offering


  • Set up layers
  • Create authorized users
  • Preview layers
  • Download images
  • Publish WMS/WMTS end-points
  • See usage statistics
  • See heatmaps
  • Hosted on
  • Deployed in cloud of choice
  • Limit layer visibility by user

Fully Hosted

  • giza.appgeo.com

Individually Hosted

  • Domain of your choice