The Giza imagery tile server uncovers deep insights via advanced analytics in apps that utilize imagery data.

Serving imagery through Giza reduces the amount of imagery you need to store by quickly transforming map tiles into WMS and WMTS endpoints.

Giza delivers advanced analytics on how users interact with your imagery.

Expose the trends hidden in your imagery usage. Giza makes it possible to work with imagery data directly from cloud storage in web applications, desktop GIS, and CADD software. A service typically uses broadly supported WMS or WTMS protocols (OGC standards for serving map images or tiled imagery data via an HTTP interface). Here at AppGeo, we’ve been observing the shift towards managed imagery services as the de-facto way to consume imagery for enterprise users.

Stream the data you want without violating vendor terms of service.

As a management and analytics engine, Giza fulfills your imagery needs while maintaining vendor compliance. Giza adapts your imagery data and streams it more efficiently, while uncovering trends on how the imagery is being used. Faster tile delivery is possible, but why pay for that performance when the milliseconds gained don’t actually provide value? The important concept here is the service floor - the consistent reliable performance speed, which is distinct from the potential top end speed under ideal conditions. Giza’s WMTS service floor is to provide 95% of WMTS responses under 1 second.

Provision access to only the users you want.

An exceptional imagery streaming service gives you administrative and analytical controls. Giza provides you with the control you need to securely partition your content access to exactly the individuals or groups that require access, for the time they require it, in the areas they need it, and access the content from the infrastructure where work should be taking place. Giza tracks and delivers statistical summaries of imagery tile usage allowing unprecedented insight into which locations and levels are providing value to your users, which in turn promotes better imagery management and cost savings.

Giza allows you to stream an enormous amount of tiled imagery data at high speeds. Giza is raster and vector compatible, and supports OGC-compliant WMS and WMTS web map services such as ESRI, ArcGIS, Bentley, Autodesk, QGIS, and many more.

Why use Giza?

  • Simplify your data connections and bring your aerial imagery into any platform

  • Unlock usage metrics and advanced analytics for imagery program management and cost savings

  • Provide controlled access to users and departments, including cost sharing

The Texas Giza imagery serving story

AppGeo’s Giza is totally designed with the end user in mind. As functionality expands and improves, the simplicity and ease of use remains the same. The ability to use Giza for maintaining the Texas Imagery Service, retrieving the image tiles, managing users, and keeping tabs on usage is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

How does Giza work?

  • Set up layers and metadata indexes for imagery sources

  • Create authorized users and administer secure access to the layers

  • Preview layers and download images via map-based user interface

  • Publish and distribute OGC compliant WMS/WMTS end-points

  • Track usage and access user statistics reports (including heatmaps)

Giza benefits

Giza heatmap of Texas

Giza heatmaps let you discover where images are being used

  • Set up layers

  • Create authorized users

  • Preview layers

  • Download images

  • Publish WMS/WMTS end-points

  • See heatmaps and usage statistics

  • Deployed in cloud of choice

  • Limit layer visibility by user

Imagery Service Response Times Comparison chart

Giza has among the fastest imagery streaming response times

Example of Giza Cost Savings

Texas saved almost $70,000 per year using Giza usage data

The user management and logging built into Giza provide extremely valuable utilization metrics that describe usage patterns over time, by organization, and by geography. Knowing the ‘how’ and the ‘where’ for the 250+ Utah organizations now using the Giza-served aerial photography, and AGRC’s custom Utah base maps, will be important to sustaining these innovative offerings in the future.

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