Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo) marked its 30th anniversary on May 30th, 2021.

From its founding as a New England-based GIS consulting firm in 1991, AppGeo has grown into a national leader for data modernization and system transformation based on its expertise in location-based services, software, and solutions.

“The influence of geography and the value that spatial thinking brings to our world are even greater today than when the company was founded,” said David Weaver, former Vice President and co-founder of AppGeo.

“From our very first project in 1991, our goal has been to empower people with spatial solutions,” continued Weaver. “Today, more than ever, customers are looking for a trusted partner who can clarify their needs and help them build the right solution using modern geospatial technologies. At AppGeo, we do that every day.”

“The continued success of the AppGeo brand and our national impact on the geospatial industry is due to our dedication to creating shared value with our customers and partners,” said Rich Grady, AppGeo President and CEO. “Throughout our history, we’ve expanded the frontiers of geospatial technology and challenged conventional thinking in order to solve customer problems and contribute to society.”

Commitment to Shared Value

Over the past three decades, AppGeo’s commitment to shared value and thought leadership in the geospatial sector has matured and strengthened. In 2020, in response to the pandemic and increased food insecurity, AppGeo released Bringfood, an entirely free routing platform that allows food pantries and food banks to route their delivery drivers in the most efficient way possible.

“Bringfood has been an integral part of so many communities for food delivery operations since the pandemic began,” said Grady. “And I believe the Bringfood initiative exemplifies the spirit of AppGeo to be a difference maker and contributor to the communities that we work with. There are over 100 active Bringfood users in 30 states, and almost 200 organizations who have applied and been granted permission to use the app.”

“We are all in this together” – Rich Grady. In this 3 minute video, Rich and AppGeo staff, Priya Sankalia, join with the staff from ArlingtonEats to explain how Bringfood is helping the food pantry deliver food during the pandemic.

New Strategic Investments and Partnerships

Over the last decade, AppGeo’s many strategic investments have expanded its capabilities significantly.

Strategic partnerships with Google, with Hexagon, and most recently with HERE, have enriched AppGeo’s technical depth and ability to deliver innovative customer solutions and unique spatial data products.

By investing in its own growing portfolio of product solutions – MapGeo™, GizaⓇ, Bringfood™, and soon-to-be-released Routinize™ – AppGeo helps customers to fill gaps in their geospatial technology stacks.

Also, to ensure customer success, AppGeo has pioneered Spatial IQⓇ, a Managed Services Program that provides for continuous review and refreshment of geospatial technology and strategy, thus ensuring the highest ROI for our customers.

Continued Exploration and Thought Leadership

Some things about AppGeo have not changed in 30 years, however. Throughout its history, AppGeo has challenged the status quo and been a voice for new ways of thinking about the management of geospatial data and the use of geospatial technology.

AppGeo’s early advocacy for imagery as a service and data content programs is now gaining national recognition and acceptance.

AppGeo’s early embrace of cloud-based mapping platforms (and partnerships with Google and HERE) has put us at the forefront of this now dominant trend in location-based knowledge systems.

AppGeo’s investment in the integration of location-intelligence into database systems preceded and aligned us perfectly for the rise of data science, big data, and use of AI/ML tools for spatial analysis.

These trends and many others will shape our industry for decades to come. In the years ahead, AppGeo will continue to bring new ideas and opportunities to its customers.

Thank you

“As we mark this milestone for our company, and on behalf of the Leadership team and all of the professional staff at AppGeo, I say ‘thank you’. Thank you to all of our customers and partners, many of whom have worked with AppGeo for as long as a decade and in some cases even longer,” said Grady. “Your trust motivates us. Your challenges stimulate our innovation. And the solutions we build together create real societal value, through improved safety and mobility, increased resilience to disaster, improved environmental outcomes, and increased social equity.”