Subscriptions to our MapGeo property mapping platform continue to increase steadily and have picked up in the last few months.

“Since July, we have added more than a dozen MapGeo subscribers” said Michael Terner, Executive Vice President, “and today there are more than 40 MapGeo subscribers representing counties and municipalities in 7 states, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia.”

The web usage statistics show that MapGeo sites are visited regularly and repeatedly, generating maps and views of all types of data.  Even more important than the numbers, users find substantial benefit in the data access provided by MapGeo.

“The feedback we are getting from subscribers and users is very positive,” said Terner.  “Local government staff, real estate and other business professionals, and residents have written to tell us how much they like the user interface and how MapGeo makes it easy to access local geographic data directly, saving them time and money.”

“Our focus at AppGeo is empowering our clients to put geographic data to work for real benefit,” said Rich Grady, President. “The democratization of authoritative local geographic data through MapGeo supports that goal.”

MapGeo is AppGeo’s next generation online property mapping solution designed for municipal and county government.  MapGeo leverages an attractive HTML5-based user interface and aggressive use of tile caching to deliver a very fast and friendly end user experience.  MapGeo embodies all of the advantages of the latest Esri and Open Source technologies for geographic data processing (tile caching), cartographic representations and styling, map service delivery, and web map interactivity.  MapGeo runs on modern browsers and tablet devices.

The MapGeo platform provides a predictable, low cost and dependable solution; there are no use-based fees, no plug-ins, and no software license requirements.  Everything (hosting, data refresh, and application updates) is delivered for a single annual subscription fee.  Improvements to MapGeo are bundled into frequent releases that are available immediately to all subscribers.