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What is carpe geo?

We have all heard the phrase carpe diem which translates to “seize the day.”
Carpe geo is seizing the opportunity to do great things with GIS.

It’s a v2.0 World for State GIS coordination

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  • The Changes Being Made in State GIS Offices

  • What I Would Have Done Differently

  • Top 10 changes from v1.0 to v2.0 eras

  • Re-imagining the Role of Future State GIS Offices

Big News in Broadband Mapping and Beyond

  • The Problems with Census Blocks

  • Crowdsourcing the National Broadband Map

  • Connecting the Efforts of Broadband and NG 9-1-1

  • National Address Database – the Missing Link

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parvum momentum
small moments. big impact.

It is through sharing that you will experience what Bill Johnson calls parvum momentum, small moments, that have big impact and lead you to realize the value of your work.

How did carpe geo begin?

AppGeo’s carpe geo evangelist, Bill Johnson, created the philosophy of carpe geo through his decades of experience in the GIS field.

Bill Johnson gives Carpe Geo talk
Bill Johnson, Carpe Geo Evangelist
Bill Johnson, AppGeo's Carpe Geo Evangelist

Positive feedback from three different endeavors (which can be found in the Resources section below) emboldened Bill Johnson to further develop a concept he coined carpe geo, a philosophy based on:

  • Building trust through collaboration

  • Effecting fundamental change through thoughtful investment

  • Consistent attention to excellence

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Contact Bill

Carpe geo Hotline: 518-859-5576

Call AppGeo’s carpe geo Hotline (Bill Johnson’s cell phone!) any time
to talk through how carpe geo can help you solve your GIS challenges.


Twitter: @MappingGuy

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October 25, 2018: ‘Carpe Geo’ Evangelist Bill Johnson from Appgeo, 2018 Texas GIS Forum Keynote

September 2017: Carpe Geo & Parvum Momentum presentation, NSGIC Annual Conference, (38 min video)

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