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It is through sharing that you will experience what Bill Johnson calls parvum momentum, small moments, that have big impact and lead you to realize the value of your work.

How did carpe geo begin?

AppGeo’s carpe geo evangelist, Bill Johnson, created the philosophy of carpe geo through his decades of experience in the GIS field.

Bill Johnson gives Carpe Geo talk
Bill Johnson, Carpe Geo Evangelist
Bill Johnson, AppGeo's Carpe Geo Evangelist

Positive feedback from three different endeavors (which can be found in the Resources section below) emboldened Bill Johnson to further develop a concept he coined carpe geo, a philosophy based on:

  • Building trust through collaboration

  • Effecting fundamental change through thoughtful investment

  • Consistent attention to excellence

What is carpe geo?

We have all heard the phrase carpe diem which translates to “seize the day.”
Carpe geo is seizing the opportunity to do great things with GIS.

Let’s look at a real word example.

Google Imagery

Following the devastating flooding in New York City from tropical storm Sandy in 2012, Bill was asked to make some maps to support a commission to study the infrastructure resilience and make forward-looking recommendations. A classic Carpe Geo opportunity.

  • Historic maps were sought to try to analyze shoreline changes that had occurred over time in lower Manhattan.

  • The New York Public Library was able to identify scanned, geo-rectified maps in their collection going back 400 years.

  • These maps were stacked up and used to analyze the shoreline expansion and also overlaid with the Sandy storm surge.

  • Following the path of this data led to the amazing discovery that the flooding in lower Manhattan was largely a man-made problem.

When we abstract the world’s problems and their possible solutions into a form that others can more easily understand …

That’s carpe geo!

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September 2017: Carpe Geo & Parvum Momentum presentation, NSGIC Annual Conference, (38 min video)