By Rich Grady, President

AppGeo provides solutions to organizations that can benefit from geospatial insight and intelligence.  The value discipline to which we dedicate our attention and effort is “Customer Understanding.” Our capabilities and culture are attuned to this organizational focal point.  We listen to customer problems, we talk and think through a best-fitting solution, and we make intelligent recommendations that will work.

From this customer understanding, AppGeo has developed its capability to offer both project solutions and platform solutions.  Our project solutions are discrete consulting services engagements to solve a customer’s specific problem or requirements. Our platform solutions are subscription-based offerings of products and services in response to the more generic problems and requirements across a segment of customers.  In both cases, we bring customer understanding and technical expertise to bear, developing detailed knowledge and capabilities to solve customer problems, enabling us to effectively offer both tailored and general-purpose solutions. These include consulting services, our own products, and carefully chosen 3rd party and open source products.

Through our work, AppGeo continually improves and shapes its products and services to fit an increasingly finer and more empathetic understanding of our customers.  This allows us to develop deeper relationships with our customers over a longer time horizon, which increases the cumulative shared value. We are committed to a customer’s accrual of value through their geospatial investments and related organizational strategy, not just the value derived from individual projects or singular consulting assignments.