In recognition of the growing importance of location-based analysis or geoanalytics, the Wentworth Institute of Technology recently invited AppGeo Vice President and Director of Software Architecture Peter Girard to join their Professional Advisory Committee for the newly formed and innovative three-year B.S. program in Applied Math.

The committee is comprised of a wide range of industry leaders from engineering, software, government, biostatistics and more. Members of the committee will share industry updates and trends, advise on curriculum and training needs, and offer outreach ideas to appropriate industry groups.

The new major links mathematics and the worlds of science, technology, engineering and social science. “I am excited to contribute to this new major,” said Girard. “With the convergence of geospatial IT and big data, I look forward to helping a new generation discover the importance of applied math for addressing our spatial IT and geoanalytics challenges!”

Congratulations Peter!