There are a lot of GIS consulting firms out there. AppGeo is different.

  • We are passionate.
  • We are values driven.
  • We take your (the customer’s) point of view.
  • We embrace the full diversity of geospatial technology.
  • We bring some of the brightest minds in geospatial consulting to work with you.
  • We offer an integrated approach (see What We Do).

Five Essentials For An Effective GIS Consulting Engagement.

The AppGeo difference starts with this vision for effective GIS consulting. These five ingredients have stood the test of time.

  1. Start right.

    The most important decision is who you choose to work with. Their commitment to you – your challenges, situation, and goals. Our integrated approach is focused on you.

  2. Choose and combine the right technologies.

    No matter what the vendors say, no platform, database, or software is a complete solution, an end in itself. We help you to choose and use an intelligent combination of appropriate technologies to create the systems that deliver the most value.

  3. Exceed user expectations.

    Whether it is a data system or application, we are all looking for the same two things: Ridiculous Simplicity, Incredible Performance. You know it when you see it. Don’t settle for less.

  4. It is not just a tech problem.

    Taking care of the human and organizational factors is often more critical to success than technology investment. This means paying attention to organizational goals, managerial roles, sustainable funding, users requirements, and stakeholder coordination, among other things.

  5. Think longer term.

    Your success begins when the project ends. Don’t leave it to chance. Design for sustainability. Build relationships with reliable partners. Engage them to review and refresh your systems. Make plans for continuous improvement.

We’ve done the research. Benefit from our experience and innovative thinking.

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