Build Your location strategy

An enterprise geospatial IT plan is the foundation of your location strategy.

1INVESTIGATE current GIS data, software, business requirements, staffing and organizational approach.

2EVALUATE the stage of GIS maturity, gap analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

3STRATEGIZE with you to define vision and goals, organizational structure, the right technologies, and enterprise approach.

4DELIVER an implementation road map, with milestones, budget, and ROI justification.

Transform your data into knowledge by adding geography

Magic happens with the right geospatial IT investments.


No more paper files. No more data silos.

AppGeo uses location to bring data together

so you can manage resources and serve your customers better.

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Keep up with the newest geospatial IT innovations.

AppGeo continuously explores,

tests, innovates with and deploys today’s leading geospatial and Web technologies.

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Find meaningful information within your geospatial data.

AppGeo turns your data into useful

information with geographic analysis, data visualizations, and dashboards.

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The more accessible and usable your data is, the greater its value.

AppGeo Open Data strategies

help you tell data stories, create new ways to serve data, and empower you to share and find data.

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In today's connected world, systems need to perform at scale.

AppGeo knows how to configure and optimize

today’s leading technologies for the performance and reliability you need.

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The world is on the go - take your geospatial insights with you.

AppGeo builds responsive applications

that make it possible to explore and share your information on mobile devices.

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Achieve extraordinary results

Transformation happens when you have the right partner.

Meaningful and productive partnerships

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