Access to your local digital geographic and property data through a modern, continuously enhanced Web mapping interface.

Contact us for a demo, or visit a representative MapGeo Website:

In ME:  Cumberland or Yarmouth

In MA: Nantucket or Beverly

In CT:  Old Lyme, or Thompson

In NJ: Stafford

In NY: Rye

In RI: Lincoln

In VA: Carroll County

MapGeo increases productivity and information sharing for government staff, local businesses and the general public by making it easy to view, analyze, and make maps with authoratative local geographic data.

MapGeo enables local governments to expand access to local geospatial data for every staff who needs access to geographic information.

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive so anyone can discover and analyze their local geography, including the ability display different map themes on the base map or aerial photograph, or identify property abutters and create a mailing list, or simply create a simple printed map.
  • Full-screen view of the mapped data with a variety of easy to use controls and menus, that you can move or minimize to meet your needs.
  • Secure hosted solution that is cost-effective and provides ‘always-on’ self-service access – eliminates the overhead expense of software licenses and hosting infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Configurable, so you can exercise control over what information is presented, such as whether owner names are included in search or data display.
  • Continuous enhancement by our programming staff – provided free to all current subscribers through regular releases of new functions, fixes and features.

Behind the Scenes MapGeo leverages an attractive HTML5-based user interface and aggressive use of tile caching to deliver a very fast and friendly end user experience.  MapGeo embodies all of the advantages of the latest Esri and Open Source technologies for geographic data processing (tile caching), cartographic representations and styling, map service delivery, and web map interactivity.  MapGeo runs on modern browsers and tablet devices.

For each subscriber, the MapGeo platform provides a predictable, low cost and dependable solution; there are no use-based fees, no plug-ins, and no software license requirements.  Everything (hosting, data refresh, and application updates) is delivered for a single annual subscription fee.  Improvements to MapGeo are bundled into frequent releases that are available immediately to all subscribers.