High Performance Web Hosting   

Now you can benefit from high performance web hosting from our secure private cloud hosting infrastructure.  We made the move to cloud hosting in 2011 and it has proven the right decision for many reasons as described in this AppGeo Blog post .  We are happy to talk about our positive experiences – ask AppGeo for advice about your cloud hosting options

AppGeo can host your GIS Web-mapping application as a stand alone website that is linked to and seamlessly integrated with pages on your current website.

The benefits to you of hosting in the cloud with AppGeo include:

  • No expenditure on hosting infrastructure, software licenses, and IT overhead for the hosted applications and data
  • Application support by our leaders in the design/development of web-GIS 
  • Application usage monitoring and reporting
  • All manner of back ups, security, and a very fast connection to the Internet

AppGeo currently hosts dozens of customWebsites on our system, plus all of our subscription-based MapGeo Websites.

We also provide the service of researching and advising you on your best hosting strategy, whether with us, on your infrastructure, in the cloud, or some hybrid approach involving multiple hosting environments.