AppGeo led a statewide GIS Needs Assessment in 2001 that provided the basis for the establishment of the Maine Public Library of Geographic Information (GeoLibrary).  In addition to the GeoLibrary, the plan made detailed recommendations organized as the five major pillars for a robust statewide GIS program.

In a continuation of this effort to build the GeoLibrary and statewide GIS, in 2006 AppGeo completed a follow-on study focused on GIS needs and requirements analysis for Maine county government.

In 2011, AppGeo was hired again by the State to provide a formal Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for statewide orthoimagery acquisition.  The approach used the ROI Workbook published by GITA (Geographic Information Technology Association) and the FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Commission) and direct outreach to stakeholders across the State to discover and document the value of orthoimagery.  Like may states, Maine has had county and region led programs to acquire orthoimagery, and this initiative is focused on providing for consistent statewide coverage.