FGDC Fifty States Initiative   

Since 2006, AppGeo has been at the forefront of assisting the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) to help states to advance their spatial data infrastructure.  AppGeo developed (2006) and then revised (2009) a set of Strategic Plan Guidelines, Business Plan Guidelines, and a Strategic Planning Process Map to provide structure and uniformity for statewide geospatial strategic and business planning to support the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) through the Fifty States Initiative.

From 2007, through the US Geological Survey (USGS) CAP Grant Program, AppGeo has assisted dozens of states across the nation to develop such plans, and to achieve programmatic goals, such as funding for state GIS initiatives, enabling legislation, creation of coordinating bodies, establishment of GIO (Geographic Information Officer) and other leadership positions, statewide data acquisition program funding, and GIS clearinghouses and portals.

At the state level, AppGeo’s GIS Strategic and Business Planning Portfolio includes:

Alabama* (strategic plan focused on establishment of an Alabama Geographic Information Program Office 2010)

Arizona* (strategic plan followed by business plan focused on establishment of a geospatial data clearinghouse 2009)

Arkansas* (business plan focused on development of several key geospatial data layers 2009)

Colorado (homeland security data sharing plan 2007, GIS strategic plan 2008*, integration of state geospatial and IT strategic plans 2009)

Connecticut (enterprise and homeland security GIS implementation strategy 2006,  and business plan for developing and funding CT’s statewide GIS program 2007*)

Delaware*  (business plan for establishment of a GIS office for Delaware State Government 2009)

Hawai’i* (strategic coordination and data integration 2009)

Kansas* (strategic plan followed by business plan for elevation LiDAR data project 2008)

Maine (statewide coordination and establishment of the state GIS data library 2001, county-level coordination 2006, Business Plan for orthoimagery 2011)

Massachusetts (coordination for statewide parcel data layer completion 2010*, GIS data and coordination 2007*, shared GIS services 2002)

Minnesota (business analysis and transformation to establish a state enterprise GIS 2008)

Nebraska* (strategic plan 2012)

New Hampshire* (strategic and business planning 2007)

New York* (data coordination and sharing 2008, cadastral data business plan 2010)

Pennsylvania* (strategic plan for statewide coordination and data sharing 2009)

Rhode Island* (business plan for enhancement of a statewide system architecture 2007)

South Carolina*  (statewide coordination, Strategic and Business Plans, 2008)

Tennessee* (elevation data acquisition, Business Plan 2011)

United States Virgin Islands* (strategic plan for developing a territory-wide spatial data infrastructure 2009)

Utah* (strategic and business planning workshops and support 2008)

Washington DC (strategic plan 2009*, business plan for a portfolio management approach to GIS data and geospatial platforms 2010)

Wyoming* (business plan and marketing strategy for establishing state GIO and Technical Program Office 2007*, enterprise GIS needs assessment 2012)

* Project was funded by the CAP Grant Program.