GIS Planning   

Planning is key to your successful GIS.  It is a core business of AppGeo.

Applied Geographics has been providing GIS Planning services since the company was founded to all levels of government: municipal, county, regional, state, and federal. State GIS Strategic Planning in support of the FGDC Fifty States Initiative is a particular area of specialization.

We can help you to complete all aspects of strategic, business, and implementation planning, and plan marketing:

  • Requirements Analysis and Needs Assessment
  • Current System Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Outreach and Consensus Building
  • Organizational Development for Enterprise GIS
  • Strategic Vision and Programmatic Goal Setting
  • All Aspects of Implementation Planning, budgeting, scheduling
  • Portfolio Management Approaches for GIS Assets, Data and Geospatial Platforms
  • Benefits Analysis, Cost Assessment, and Business Analysis and ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Marketing and Education to Department Heads, Legislators, Funders, Other Stakeholders

Before you start your (GIS) journey, it is important to know where you’re going…

AppGeo strategic plans are objective with respect to the range of technology choices and paths to GIS implementation that are available.  We tailor each plan  to your situation, whether you are at the early stages of GIS development or have an established GIS operation that needs strategic guidance.

Our plans (and planning guidelines) have helped our clients obtain funding and approval for development of systems and infrastructure, charter  organizations and leadership positions (Geographic Information Officer), and make significant investments in geospatial data, applications, staff and programs.

Experience Counts…

…since our founding, we’ve completed over 100 GIS implementation plans for counties and municipalities; regional plans for Southern California, Minneapolis-St. Paul, District of Columbia, and Calgary, Canada; more than 30 statewide GIS strategic and business plans in 20 states across the nation plus the US Virgin Islands; and a national strategic plan (under the Transportation For The Nation Initiative) for the US Department of Transportation.

GIS Planning Project Examples
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