Data Development   

The quality and currency of your geospatial data defines the utility of your GIS implementation.

Our goal is to help you obtain and maintain the highest quality geospatial and attribute data.  The complexity of managing topology (spatial relationships) and attributes of each geographic feature makes geospatial data a specialized field.  AppGeo geospatial data services are comprehensive and our staff experience is substantial, including data development, data integration, database design, data documentation, and data quality assurance and quality control.

It is not just the data that counts, but the systems and relationships that support its creation and maintenance…

…AppGeo designs innovative applications that enable the process of data creation and maintenance to be a routine part of departmental work flows.  We help you to create reliable systems and relationships that allow data providers (both public and private sector) to work together to sustain geospatial data for their regions.  Contact us to help improve your data and data management systems.

Data Development Services include:

Data Development and Automation

  • Digital GIS data from hardcopy maps and drawings, scanned documents
  • Geocoding and address matching
  • Data conversion, CAD to GIS transformation
  • RFPs and specifications for photogrammetry projects

Data Integration

  • Joining spatial data layers and attribute datasets
  • Geospatial database and data schema design
  • Loading/integrating spatial data into Oracle, SQLServer, MS Access

Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Automated data quality assurance routines and checkplotting
  • Rubbersheeting and layer adjustment
  • Independent QA/QC for photogrammetry projects
  • Data standards – State level parcels, FGDC, SDSFIE, HSIP
  • Metadata creation, quality assurance, and loading
Examples of Geospatial Data We Develop
image image image