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MapGeo delivers the online mapping tools and insights that enable data-driven decisions, good government and thriving communities.

The new MapGeo Docs addon makes your digital plans and documents accessible.

A fresh, clean, hands-off solution that eliminates a significant amount of counter traffic and custom map requests. Our IT folks love it because it has zero foot-print on our network. The public loves it because the search tool is fool proof!MapGeo customer
OK, this is the new AWESOME. It’s very easy to use. All kinds of information at your fingertips! I’m having a blast! More later — I want to get back to it!MapGeo customer

The answer to how modern government meets the demand for local information.

Empower staff, residents and businesses with the tools to understand their community better and make informed decisions. MapGeo layers Google’s high quality imagery and basemaps with local authoritative geospatial and property data — making it all accessible 24/7. And, when either source is updated, so is MapGeo.

Take a walk down the street, virtually.

Explore neighborhoods with Google Street View with access to detailed, descriptive property information. MapGeo makes Street View more useful by adding local property data and saves valuable time for staff and citizens seeking to evaluate properties from their home or office.

Reveal new solutions to your community’s challenges.

With CartoDB’s mapping engine, MapGeo delivers beautiful, dynamic maps of local patterns and trends that help decision makers, planners, developers, public safety and public works staff and others.


Find answers anytime, anywhere on any device.

What zoning district am I in?, When is trash pickup at this address?, Am I in a flood zone?, What is the valuation of properties on this street? MapGeo delivers the same powerful tools and maps to smartphones, tablets, and desktops ensuring everyone has access to the answers they need no matter where they are.

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Draw on the Map, Share Your Insights, Increase Productivity.

With draw and measure tools, you can add text and graphics to the map, then share your ideas with others using the Share capability.

Gain new perspectives on your municipality with oblique views

In addition to street level views, oblique perspectives delivered by Google Imagery expand potential uses. Access oblique Google Imagery by zooming in and clicking on the small button in the lower right corner that appears.

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Make MapGeo Docs your new digital file cabinet.

With the MapGeo Docs addon, your Building, Public Works, Engineering, Assessing, Health, and other departments can now link the documents they need – deeds, plans, permits, and other documents – to actual buildings or locations on the map for easy retrieval and anytime, anywhere access.

MapGeo is a subscription service for individual towns, cities, counties, and councils of government.

Learn more about setting up MapGeo for your location by contacting us:

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