Make the most of your data, spatially

As a Google Enterprise Partner and geospatial technology expert, AppGeo helps you leverage Google Imagery, Google Maps API and the Google Cloud Platform for your mapping applications and analysis.

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Who we serve

  • Local and state governments seeking better, more scalable and easy to use mapping solutions for departmental work flows
  • Large and small companies looking to offer a familiar, reliable and accurate mapping experience to their customers in every industry
  • Transportation and Logistics providers looking for a full suite of services under one license for asset tracking and monitoring
  • Progressive commercial enterprises looking to innovate and enhance business analytics strategy through location intelligence

What we do

  • Develop modern, customized user interfaces and integrate business systems with Google on mobile and desktop devices
  • Create, integrate, geocode, and publish your data for maximum utility on the Google platform
  • Improve performance and lower costs by maximizing license efficiency and aligning operations with Terms of Service
  • Personalized service and technical assistance to ensure you get the most from your Google investments

Take advantage of Google Imagery

Google’s low cost, hi-resolution, nationwide imagery is updated continuously


Google’s Imagery Program

  • Google is now making its high quality, nationwide imagery available for commercial sale.
  • Specifications include 6 inch (15 cm) resolution with 1 meter positional accuracy (CE90)
  • Google Imagery is stored in the high performance Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • AppGeo is an authorized Google Imagery partner

AppGeo’s OGC Web Map Services (WMS/WMTS)

  • Access Google Imagery directly from the GCP on your desktop or web environment
  • Manage Imagery users and services
  • Track user transactions and usage allocations
  • High quality image printing and security

Take advantage of Google Maps API

The Google Maps API is your starting point to better mapping applications


Google Maps for Work API

  • Starts with the familiarity and performance of Google Maps
  • Includes Google’s powerful navigation, directions, StreetView, and geocoding capabilities and more
  • Lets you customize map styles and add Google Places with search and autocomplete
  • Easily accessible on Web and mobile devices

It is time to migrate your GME

  • The Google Maps Engine (GME) API will no longer be available after January 29, 2016 – see GME deprecation blogpost
  • AppGeo has extensive firsthand experience deploying GME solutions and the knowledge to guide your migration to the best fit replacement technology
  • Our familiarity and partnership with CartoDB, a Google recognized GME alternative, can fast track the migration timeline and our long history as a geospatial solutions provider can ease the process

Take advantage of custom applications

AppGeo builds custom applications using the Google Maps API that are tailored to your needs, easy to use, mobile friendly, and scale to tens of thousands of concurrent users


Citywide Broadband Services

New York City’s Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Broadband Map helps residents and businesses by publishing self-service, current, building-level information about broadband providers, level of service and customer feedback across the City.


Statewide Road Conditions

The Texas Department of Transportation’s DriveTexas web-site is the state’s public traveler information system showing road and traffic conditions, weather and traveller information for Web and mobile devices.


Western Region Habitats

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ (WAFWA) Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (CHAT) covers 16 states and makes it possible to incorporate wildlife values into land use decision making for large scale, potentially multi-state projects.

Let’s Get Geospatial!

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