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  • Vermont Agency of Transportation VTrans
    Vermont Agency of Transportation

    AppGeo’s configurable Web mapping technology, GPV, presents Right of Way (ROW) information for the State of Vermont; supporting decision making for property and file management statewide, covering 42,621 acres of ROW.

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  • Right of Way Property Ownership
    Right of Way Property Ownership

    This visualization lets you look closely at the Right of Way (ROW) information (boundaries, excess and remainder parcel attributes and project information) captured from DGNs and scanned PDF files. AppGeo is coordinating statewide ROW data modernization for Colorado DOT.

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  • Right of Way Data Development
    Right of Way Data Development

    This time lapse visualization shows the progression of development of a the Right of Way (ROW) GIS baseline data set. With this data, Colorado DOT will be able to map and manage their ROW properties and thousands of related construction documents. AppGeo is coordinating statewide ROW data modernization for Colorado DOT.

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  • New York City Parcel Map
    New York City Parcels and More

    AppGeo’s MapGeo now brings NYC parcel data into view. AppGeo’s MapGeo harnesses the power of Google and CartoDB mapping tools and data visualization capabilities.

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  • DriveTexas map

    Texas’ Road and Traffic Condition Reporting System is built for ease of use and peak demand. On the typical sunny day, DriveTexas serves from 1,000 - 5,000 people. When severe weather conditions appear, the usage of DriveTexas can spike to more than 300,000. Continuously refreshed data serves travellers, businesses, and commuters alike.

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  • Vehicle Fleet Tracking

    Highlights: Google realtime traffic and routing for a vehicle fleet.
    This proof of concept allows our client to augment their aging Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) software by taking the AVL/GPS data of their entire Fleet and displaying their positions in real-time. The proof of concept allows them to see real-time traffic conditions and calculate estimated time of arrival to their customers homes based on real-time traffic conditions. Additionally, they can select an individual fleet vehicle and the map will stay focused on its position; its current address is also displayed; and the estimated time of arrival is updated as the vehicle moves.

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  • Boston Snowmageddon

    Highlight: Torque and Open Data

    Temporal Data Visualization of Snow Complaint calls into Boston's 311 Call Center from 2011 through 2015.

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  • Active Fire Detections and Drought Conditions

    Highlight: Torque and Data Sync

    A visualization to show a correlation between droughts and active fires. This map also shows some of CartoDB's temporal (torque) capabilities and CartoDB's data synchronization capabilities.

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    Highlight: Google Maps API + Open Source (PostGIS/GeoServer)

    The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (WAWFA CHAT) supports cross-state habitat assessment and aims to bring greater certainty to planning projects. The map seamlessly presents detailed species and habitat data from 17 western states allowing users to visualize, analyze and interrogate broad areas, regardless of state boundaries. The application leverages the power of the Google Maps API.

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  • Boston Energy

    Highlight: Open Data

    The City of Boston has established goals to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse emissions. Data visualization representing greenhouse gas intensity relative to building square footage.

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  • NYC Paratransit

    Highlight: Torque

    This visualization was done for a client so they could understand the status of their activities throughout the course of a day. This visualization contains more than 500,000 location records.

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  • Craft Beer

    Highlight: Cluster Map and custom CartoCSS

    This one is for fun. It's a cluster map showing the density of craft beer across the US. How does your city rank? Find a new place to go for your next business trip? Road trip? Zoom in for details!

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  • Transportation Demo Map
    Transportation demo site

    Highlight: Google + CartoDB + Streetview + Live charting

    This demonstration site, prepared for the 2015 GIS-T Conferences, shows the potential for CartoDB and Google Maps API to work in tandem to support transportation related applications. The site utilizes Google's base map and then shows thematic data taken from Iowa's open data portal and served by CartoDB to color code average daily traffic as well as pavement conditions. Google streetview is also accessed so a user can see the roadway that corresponds to various thematic color codes. When zoomed out, click on one of the 6 Iowa DOT districts to see the pie chart adjust for data in that district. To remove the district filter, simply click on that district again.

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  • NYC Broadband Map
    Broadband Availability in NYC

    A crowdsourcing app for collecting and presenting broadband service stats at the building level for NYC, the Broadband Map allows service providers and service seekers to share information.

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  • MapGeo

    MapGeo delivers tools and insights to local governments that support day to day operations and enable data-driven decisions. MapGeo combines your local data with the ever-fresh imagery of Google with the analytical powers of CartoDB in an easy to use, responsive interface. Shown here is MapGeo for the City of Malden, MA.

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