Three Benefits from a Small Investment in ROI Calculation

Posted on September 18, 2015 in Thinking

No matter how work is done today, there’s room for improvement. In today’s workplace that improvement is likely to be a technology change. It might be new software, hardware or a new way to organize data. Deciding what kind of change will help most is one challenge. Convincing executives to believe in and fund the change may be even more difficult.

While organizational leadership may champion technology and even have successful projects behind them, each potential investment requires due scrutiny. Executives will only invest in one project over a second option if they have significant confidence in its success. A small investment in a return on investment (ROI) study may be the key to exploring, and ultimately funding and implementing, meaningful technology changes.

From our experience, the benefit of ROI studies is both quantitative and qualitative. AppGeo work in Vermont illustrates three types of benefits.


Vermont Launches Broadband Website

Posted on May 5, 2011 in News

Vermont Governor Shumlin announces the launch of Vermont’s Broadband Availability Website.  Built by AppGeo and Signal (a Vermont-based communications and web development firm), the website makes statewide maps of broadband widely availability and easily accessible.  It also provides a way for residents to test the speed of their connection or report areas where broadband service is missing.