Highlights of 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012 in Thinking

From all of us at AppGeo, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Our expanded portfolio of work this past year, the growth of our staff, and our investments in new technology reflect many of the internal and external factors shaping our industry.  Some highlights of AppGeo’s 2012 include:

  • Cloud Hosting – Our 2011 migration to cloud hosting for customer websites proved successful in 2012, enabling us to deliver exceptional performance to our clients.  An added benefit is that we’ve applied this valuable experience to help our clients choose among hosting options.
  • Mobile applications – The popularity of smart phones and tablets is driving demand for new and innovative mobile applications for viewing and collecting data, and we have continued to build applications for these purposes, including launching a mobile version of the GPV.  Supporting a mobile workforce requires more than user applications, however.  Behind the scenes, we’ve gained valuable experience designing  the infrastructure needed to support a department of transportation’s mobile workforce.
  • MapGeo Milestones –  Launched in 2011, our low-cost, subscription based MapGeo website for county and municipal government is now in use in seven states with more than 45 active sites.
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MapGeo Subscription Growth Expands Access to Local Geographic Data

Posted on November 8, 2012 in News

Subscriptions to our MapGeo property mapping platform continue to increase steadily and have picked up in the last few months.

“Since July, we have added more than a dozen MapGeo subscribers” said Michael Terner, Executive Vice President, “and today there are more than 40 MapGeo subscribers representing counties and municipalities in 7 states, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia.”

The web usage statistics show that MapGeo sites are visited regularly and repeatedly, generating maps and views of all types of data.  Even more important than the numbers, users find substantial benefit in the data access provided by MapGeo.

“The feedback we are getting from subscribers and users is very positive,” said Terner.  “Local government staff, real estate and other business professionals, and residents have written to tell us how much they like the user interface and how MapGeo makes it easy to access local geographic data directly, saving them time and money.”

“Our focus at AppGeo is empowering our clients to put geographic data to work for real benefit,” said Rich Grady, President. “The democratization of authoritative local geographic data through MapGeo supports that goal.”

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Cloud Rules! Cloud Rules? Is cloud hosting good for municipal GIS?

Posted on April 10, 2012 in Thinking

Cloud hosting* and virtualization* are a perfect combination that may be suitable for your local government GIS website hosting.

We have managed a fully secure hosting infrastructure for GIS websites at our office since 1997.  Now, after much evaluation and experimentation, we’ve taken the plunge and moved the majority of our hosting operation to the cloud in a virtualized environment and are learning some lessons in the process.  Our new subscription-based web mapping application, MapGeo™, for example, is hosted in a completely virtual, cloud-based environment.

As we gain experience with our new cloud hosting environment (we are using Amazon Web Services (AWS)), we are evaluating the differences and benefits.  Here are some of our observations and a preview of what we are anticipating or confirming to be true:

Extended redundancy  & failover capability

This is a no brainer; because the work can be spread over the cluster, the virtual servers are better protected from hardware failures.  Moving to AWS means we are operating on an especially large cloud-based hosting infrastructure.

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MapGeo, AppGeo’s Newest Web Mapping Offering

Posted on January 5, 2012 in News

Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo) launched its newest hosted web mapping solution, called MapGeo, in September, 2011.  Since then, AppGeo has launched 10 additional sites with another 10 expected in early 2012.  Nantucket, Massachusetts became the 11th MapGeo site with its public launch on December 2nd.  Nantucket’s MapGeo replaces an ArcIMS website that was launched in October, 2005.

MapGeo represents AppGeo’s next generation web solution that leverages an attractive HTML5-based user interface and aggressive use of tile caching to deliver a very fast and friendly end user experience.

Nathan Porter, Nantucket’s GIS Coordinator reports: “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the update to the site, from the public and from other departments within the Town.  People like the more modern look of the data and the smoother search features.  The easily displayed property information and the super fast abutters tool have received a lot of praise as well!”

“We put an enormous amount of thought into technology choice and architecture” said Michael Terner, AppGeo’s Executive Vice President.  “MapGeo and its subscription pricing model represents something different for us.  Each of our customers is using the identical code base hosted on Amazon’s cloud, and updates, improvements and new features are continuously added through new versions.”

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