Baltimore’s CityView Web App Earns GIS Significant Achievement Award

Posted on May 23, 2012 in News

The City of Baltimore’s CityView website ( was recognized by the Public Technology Institute (PTI) in the category of GIS Significant Achievement at its Summit for CIOs last week in Boston.

“A wealth of useful geographic information about the City is available through CityView,” said Samatha Luckhardt, GIS Supervisor for the City of Baltimore. “We’re proud to have our vision and effort recognized by PTI.  This result would not have been possible without the help of AppGeo.”

Launched in 2011, CityView was envisioned as “an interactive, online mapping tool designed to provide residents, visitors, researchers, and individuals doing business in the city easy access to a host of useful information about the City of Baltimore’s services and amenities” (City of Baltimore, Office of the Mayor).


HTML5 + Geospatial: Past, Present, and Future

Posted on May 8, 2012 in Thinking

Where we’ve been and where we see the potential of HTML5 for the GIS Community

AppGeo’s Vice President and Director of Software Architecture, Peter Girard, has been watching the development of HTML5 for several years with the conviction that it represented the correct technology direction for the company.  We held back jumping on the Flash bandwagon, and we took some flack for not being at the “cutting edge” while we quietly invested in HTML5 components as they appeared, and the dividends are now arriving and we are not surprised.

HTML5, simply put, makes sense for the GIS community for several reasons, not least of which are:

  • Improved handling of graphical and multimedia elements without plugins
  • Support for device access or awareness such as geolocation, orientation and sensor input
  • Expanded scope for modern user interface design
  • Operates efficiently on low-powered devices
  • Enhances offline and storage options that keep applications running even if connectivity is lost temporarily

If you just follow the news, you might have the impression that HTML5 just arrived on the scene.  But the truth is that HTML5 has been coming slowly for several years, and will keep delivering in the years ahead.

Bottom line: we are fans, and have put HTML5 into practice with our MapGeo(TM) application and other custom mobile and web-based applications that we have developed or are developing.  For example, our award-winning custom applications for the City of Baltimore and for the US Geological Survey GAP Analysis Program took advantage of HTML5.

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