Texas DIR-TSO-3417 Hardware, Software and Services   

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources DIR: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hardware, Software and Services DIR-TSO-3417

Applied Geographics (AppGeo) is now a part of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hardware, Software and Services – Contract DIR TSO 3417, and welcomes the opportunity to serve all levels of government. We have been approved in three technology categories (scroll down for further details): Application Maintenance and Support, Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation, and Information Technology Assessments and Planning.

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Please contact us to explore how we can provide beneficial state-of-the-art GIS software consulting services for you.

Contact Us/How To Order:

For product information or for GIS Products and Related Services pricing (these will be listed in DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3417 Appendix C, Pricing Index under the Header titled, “GIS Products and Related Services), contact Applied Geographics Contact, Jim Scott, Director of Marketing Applied Geographics, Inc. 24 School Street, Suite 500 Boston, MA 02108 Phone: (512) 922-2674 Fax: (617) 259-1688 Email: jscott@appgeo.com

For Geospatial GIS Products and Custom Data and Services, contact the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) at StratMap@twdb.texas.gov (these will be listed in Appendix C, Pricing Index under the Headers titled, “Geospatial Products and Customized Geospatial Data and Services”. TNRIS is the only entity authorized to provide pricing for these two categories for this contract. 

For all procurements made through this contract, generate a purchase order made payable to the Applied Geographics, Inc. and reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-3417 on your purchase order.


Upon issuance of a purchase order to AppGeo, AppGeo will work with the customer to fulfill the order.

Warranty and Return Policies:

WMS/WMTS Appliance is warrantied for 90 days after installation.

Product and Services Description and Specifications:

Customized Geospatial Data Services

Aerial Imagery:

Google Texas Imagery - AppGeo, in coordination with Google has developed a statewide 6” aerial base for Texas. This imagery available through TNRIS  in a special program to provide web based imagery services is available to most any Texas public sector organization.

Aerial Oblique Imagery - With our partner Flightline Geographics, AppGeo is able to provide ultra-high resolution aerial imagery. The Flightline Geographics system uses the latest unmanned aerial systems technology and can acquire nadir and oblique with high precision and large coverage areas compared to most UAS systems

Our companion partner, Airphrame Inc. provides an end-to-end service  service to acquire, process and analyze  UAS imagery.

Satellite Imagery - AppGeo represents Astrodigtal for providing automated satellite data collection for Texas. This service currently allows for automated acquisition, processing and creation of map service and downloads of Landsat Imagery. Astrodigtal is in the process of launching two of its own satellites in the near future which will be added into the custom acquisition, processing and services generating platform

Customized Geospatial Services:

GIS Data Advisory Services - AppGeo is emerging as a leader in OpenData strategy and policy Services. We believe open data will be the catalyst for accelerating the advance of both GIS systems and the value they provide. We are well-versed in technical data development especially in the realm of computer aided design to GIS interoperability in addition to managing complex data conversion and creation projects.

Geospatial Technology Planning and Implementation - AppGeo is a recognized leader in assisting departments. Programs, agencies, local, regional, state and federal organizations with GIS technology strategic planning. These services include performing GIS Audits, Business Plans as well as Return on Investment.

Geospatial Software Applications Development - One of our core capabilities is applications development. We have been early adopters of broader web standard approaches and frameworks specializing in javascript and node.js. Our services include working within the Esri product set as well as identifying solutions that can integrate other mostly open source mapping technology. This is especially important when mission-critical high performance applications must be developed and provide unparalleled reliability and responsiveness.

Geospatial Data Quality Management - QA/QC – AppGeo regularly manages large data conversion and data specification review projects. This foundational work is fundamental to assuring the integrity and trustworthiness of data is designed into the production, analysis and publishing processes.

Geospatial Data Catalog and Search - As part of our Open Data Services strategy, AppGeo has developed solutions for integrating Google Search, and also provides portal solutions to overcome traditional weaknesses of most GIS data portals. Great Search experiences are becoming more important to assuring an overall quality of user experience and strengthening engagement for visitors seeking information from our clients data repositories.

GIS Products and Related Services:

WMS/WMTS Imagery Server - AppGeo developed its own high performance imagery tile server in response to Google’s decision to exit the mapping engine market. The AppGeo solution called “Giza” brings a new level of capability for our customers through scalable cloud based platform. Giza has robust administrative  tools to manage user access and source content files. In addition, Giza uses Google’s BigQuery to log every transaction which allows the Administrators to see how much data is being used and the geographic location of the tiles being accessed. This creates a new level of real-time insight into the utilization and coverage of data source investments.

Contract Pricing:

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For More Information:

Please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program overview page for more information.

The DIR-TSO-3417 contract can be accessed here.